Comprehensive Guide: All About Car Door Visors

Driving with the windows down can be a hassle with all the noise and wind disturbance. Even with the windows up, wind noise can still be an issue. Luckily, a simple solution to these problems is car wind deflectors! Wind deflectors, also known as wind visors or rain guards, are plastic panels that attach to the exterior of your car, precisely above the windows or in the window channel. Their clever design redirects the wind away from your vehicle, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.

How do wind deflectors work?

These plastic panels are shaped aerodynamically to deflect the air away from your car. When the air comes into contact with the deflector, its shape forces it to flow around the vehicle instead of directly onto it. This effective barrier reduces wind noise significantly.

What are the benefits of wind deflectors?

Wind deflectors have multiple benefits that make them worth considering. Firstly, they significantly reduce wind noise, which is especially beneficial during high-speed driving. This means you can enjoy your music or have conversations without raising your voice. Secondly, wind deflectors allow you to keep your windows cracked open, allowing fresh air to circulate inside the car. This helps you rely less on expensive air conditioning systems and keeps your car cool in hot weather.

Another advantage is their usefulness during rainfall. By keeping your windows slightly open with wind deflectors, you can prevent rain from entering your car while still enjoying fresh air. This feature also keeps your windows condensation-free. Additionally, wind deflectors are adored by smokers as they enable them to dispose of ash while keeping the window cracked open safely.

Not only are wind deflectors practical, but they also add a touch of style to your car’s exterior.

Comprehensive Guide: All About Car Door Visors / Wind Deflectors

Types of Wind Deflectors

There are two main types of car window deflectors:

In-channel wind deflectors are the most common type and fit snugly into the car’s window channel. They are easy to install without specialized tools; some may require clips for a secure fit. They can be easily removed when needed.

Stick-on wind deflectors: These deflectors attach to the car door panel with a paintwork-safe adhesive and can be easily removed.

We recommend using in-channel wind deflectors for the most secure fit, as they provide a snug and tight installation.

Wind Deflectors and Drag: Do They Increase or Decrease?

Contrary to common belief, wind deflectors do not create drag. They have the opposite effect and decrease drag. The aerodynamic shape of wind deflectors redirects air away from your car, improving its overall aerodynamics. This reduction in drag can even lead to lower fuel consumption.

Can Wind Deflectors Save Fuel?

While wind deflectors can help save fuel costs if you use your air conditioning less frequently, their impact on fuel consumption through aerodynamics alone is minimal. If you install wind deflectors to decrease fuel consumption, the savings will be minimal due to the slight aerodynamic improvement.

What Are Wind Deflector Clips?

Wind deflector clips are occasionally used to fill any gap between the wind deflector and the window channel. However, most wind deflectors fit snugly into the channel and do not require clips. Only about 20% of vehicles may need clips to secure the deflectors.

Are Wind Deflectors Prone to Theft?

Theft of in-channel wind deflectors is highly unlikely. They cannot be easily removed without opening the window, and any attempt to do so may damage the deflector. While stick-on wind deflectors can be removed, theft is rare due to their limited desirability and the effort involved.

Are Wind Deflectors Secure?

Once correctly installed, in-channel wind deflectors are secure and will not easily fall off.

Do Wind Deflectors Have Sun-Blocking Properties?

Yes! Wind deflectors are tinted and act as a sun visor, providing added protection against harsh sunlight.

How to Choose the Right Wind Deflectors?

Wind deflectors come in sets for front and rear doors and can be specific to your vehicle’s window shape and number of doors. Front wind deflectors are moulded to fit the shape of your car door and are typically arched, while rear wind deflectors are more rectangular. Kingsway makes it easy to find the right wind deflectors for your car – enter your car’s make and model and select. We’ll show you precisely what will fit!

Where to Buy Wind Deflectors

For a hassle-free shopping experience, we recommend purchasing wind deflectors from a knowledgeable retailer like Kingsway. On our website, you can find the perfect set of wind deflectors for your vehicle in just a few clicks. With multiple options, our user-friendly interface will help you quickly find the right product.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to fit wind deflectors into your car:

Open the car window fully.

Clean and dry the frame and channel where the wind deflector will be inserted.

If the door frame rubbers are dry or cracked, use a product like Gummi Pflege to condition and soften them for easier installation.

Start at a corner and gently place the edge of the wind deflector into the window channel.

Slowly work your way along the channel, slotting the deflector into place.

If you have wind deflector clips, use them only if the deflector is not securely fitted already. 

Firmly fasten each clip between the deflector and door frame using a screwdriver.

Double-check that the window opens and closes appropriately without the wind deflectors catching.

Allow the window to rest for 24 to 48 hours so the channel rubber can mould around the wind deflector.

That’s it! Wind deflectors are a helpful car accessory that enhances driving by blocking rain while providing ventilation. They are easy to fit and affordable, so why not try them? You can find a selection of wind deflectors right here, with Kingsway.


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